Parking Validation

San Jose offers validated parking in several City of San Jose garages. Customers can team up with participating businesses to take advantage of two FREE hours during weekdays and FREE parking evenings and on weekends..

  • Downtown Validations


    Step 1) PARK! Look for the ParkSJ Validation symbol at participating garages

    Step 2) Take the parking ticket from the dispenser and keep it with you.

    Step 3) MAKE A MATCH: Look for the ParkSJ Validation symbol in the windows of businesses that offer parking validation.

    Step 4) Validate your ticket at a participating business. Participating retailers will either issue you one rose-colored validation coupon to be used in conjunction with your parking entry ticket, or the business will validate your parking entry ticket using a validation machine.

    Step 5) Receive FREE or discounted parking. Upon returning to the garage, insert the validated parking entry ticket into the yellow automated payment cashier machine in the lobby and entry areas. The machine will either return the ticket or ask you to pay a balance before returning the ticket. Use it within 10 minutes to exit the garage.

    WITH validation at Market and San Pedro, Second and San Carlos, Third Street, and Fourth Street garages:

    • Weekdays until 6 pm: Two hours of FREE parking
    • Evenings after 6 pm: Parking is FREE until 6 am the next day
    • Weekends: Parking is FREE from 6 am Saturday or Sunday until 6 am the next day

    WITH validation at Convention Center, Pavilion Garage and Third and Santa Clara garages:

    • Two hours of FREE parking


    • Sharks Games: Validations not accepted at Market-San Pedro Garage on days of Sharks games, starting two hours before the game until 30 minutes after the game begins. Parking for Sharks games at that garage will be $7. On days of the games, customers validating before or after the “pre-pay” period will still be accepted.
    • Convention Center: Validations not accepted during major events or on Friday and Saturday after 10 pm
  • Cinema Validations

    Movie-goers can receive parking validation from Camera 12 Cinemas, good for 3-1/2 hours of FREE parking during the day or evening, from:

    • Market & San Pedro Street Garage
    • Pavilion Garage
    • Third Street Garage
    • Second & San Carlos Street Garage
    • Third and Santa Clara Garage
    • Fourth Street Garage
  • The Tech Museum Validations

    With validation from The Tech Museum, parking will be $5 or less for up to 24 hours at:

    • Second and San Carlos Street Garage
    • Convention Center Garage

    Exception: Validations will not be accepted when special event pricing is in effect.

  • More Validation Info